Contract Bark / Mulch 80 litre bag

This best selling bark combines quality and value. 100% British, this is a mix of conifer and spruce bark. Bark (mulch) is used to reduce water loss, suppress weeds and protect against extreme temperatures, making it ideal to use as a mulch in flower beds. Sold as 80 litre bags, this is easier to handle and can easily be transported.

Please note: Bark is sold in m3 and NOT tonnes.     

12.5 x 80 litre bags is the equivalent of a bulk bag.



Woodchip is made from whole chipped timber, with a percentage of bark and a mix of hard and softwood. It is light brown in colour. Whilst not as decorative as bark, its affordability makes it a tempting alternative. Woodchip can be used to mulch beds and create natural looking pathways in your garden. 


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