Woodchip is made from whole chipped timber, with a percentage of bark and a mix of hard and softwood. It is light brown in colour. Whilst not as decorative as bark, its affordability makes it a tempting alternative. Woodchip can be used to mulch beds and create natural looking pathways in your garden. 



Sourced from within the British Isles, our bark is produced from a mix of conifer and spruce bark. Bark (mulch) is used to reduce water loss, suppress weeds and protect against extreme temperatures, making it ideal to use as a mulch in flower beds. 


Play Bark

This is an economical playground bark ideal for surfacing on a budget, produced from mixed conifer bark, predominantly pine. Providing a safe, free-draining surface, our Play Bark has a mid-brown colour and a rich pine odour and forms a great playing surface all year round. Particle sizes vary between 8-40mm, and no additives or colouring are used. Wholly sourced in the British Isles, our Play Bark is free from pathogens, pests and weeds making it an appropriate playing surface for your children. It has not been treated with methyl bromide.


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