Blue Slate 20mm

20mm Blue Slate is perfect for pathways, as the smaller pieces form a flatter surface to walk on.

When wet, the blue colour becomes darker,  so it is ideal to use in and around water features; Blue Slate is fish friendly, so  it can be used in ponds. 

Blue Slate is supplied in Bulk Bags

Full Description

  • Type: Natural Slate material may sometimes vary slightly in colour or contain random green or plum pieces.

  • Product Dimensions: Slate sizes are normally between 10-30mm

  • Bag Dimensions: Height   95cm   Width  75cm   Length  85cm

  • Coverage (m²): 13.5 m² at a depth of 40mm per bulk bag

  • Product Weight: 875kg approx.

  • Safety: Can be used safely in or near ponds as it is 'fish friendly'.

  • Environmental benefits: Aids moisture retention and does not alter the pH of the soil