Salmon Pink Granite 14mm

Salmon Pink Granite is a hard-wearing, angular decorative stone. Speckled pink and grey in colour, it will add distinctive warm hues to your pathways, drives and patios.  it is also suitable for use in rockeries and acts as a weed suppressant.

This fish-friendly stone can be safely used in ponds and around water features.

Salmon Pink Granite is supplied in Bulk Bags

Full Description

  • Type: Natural granite.

  • Product Dimensions:  Chip sizes are approx 14mm

  • Bag Dimensions: Height  95cm   Width 75cm   Length 85cm

  • Coverage (m²): 13.5 m² at a depth of 40mm per bulk bag

  • Product Weight: 875kg approx.

  • Safety: Can be used safely in or near ponds as it is 'fish friendly'.

  • Environmental benefits: Aids moisture retention