10kg Nu-Lawn Pre-Seed & General Granular Fertiliser

Looking to give your new lawn a boost?

A 6-9-6 NPK fertiliser, our Nu-Lawn Pre-Seed fertiliser is great on lawns because it encourages root growth and it can bring new lawns into use sooner.

Our Nu-Lawn Pre-Seed Fertiliser is also great for use in your flower beds.

20kg Nu-Lawn Autumn Feed Fertiliser

Undertaking Autumn Lawn Work? 

A high quality N-P-K fertiliser with added Iron our Nu-Lawn Autumn Feed Fertiliser is ideal for your lawn’s final feed of the year. 

The higher Potassium level in our Nu-Lawn Autumn Feed Fertiliser increases the overall hardiness of your plants and when used on your lawn the additional Iron greens up the plant.

20kg Proctors Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer

Looking to kill weeds and moss whilst feeding your lawn? 

Proctors Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer is a micro-granular feed designed to provide 4x as many granules per metre compared to similar products, this makes it safer for you to use and more capable of reaching troublesome weeds in your garden.

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