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Rolls of TurfAt Town & Country we have a reputation for quality turf and topsoil’s and the reliability of our service. We have been trading for over 35 years and throughout this time we have always left the work of installing turf to professional landscapers.

Selecting a Landscaper

In selecting a landscaper it is important to establish to your own satisfaction that the person or company you choose is competent. We recommend talking to previous customers and taking time to ask around and we are happy to point you towards professionals (*) we know.

There are two leading professional landscape bodies in the UK they are: - The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL). They both have a vetting/screening process prior to admission, codes of conduct, lists of their members, and dispute resolution systems in the event of any problems.

It is worth remembering there are many excellent landscapers who choose not to be members of a trade organisation. Good landscapers will be happy to provide you with the following before allowing them to work at your home;

  1. Adequate insurance cover in place for all risks that could affect you, your property and the landscaper’s team and any subcontractors they might use.
  2. A written quotation detailing the work to be done, materials to be used, price to be paid, clearing of any waste and completion date.

Always ask to speak to some of their recent customers for a reference. Word of mouth is always worth taking the time to hear because making the wrong choice could lead to considerable disappointment.

For any further help you might need visit are FAQ’s pages for more information.

*Town & Country Ltd takes no responsibility for the work or actions of third parties