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Play Area Bark 80 litres

This economical playground bark is ideal for surfacing on a budget, produced from mixed conifer bark, predominantly pine. Providing a safe, free-draining surface, our Play Bark has a mid-brown colour and a rich pine odour and forms a great playing surface all year round. Particle sizes vary between 8-40mm, and no additives or colouring are used. Wholly sourced in the British Isles, our Play Bark is free from pathogens, pests and weeds making it an appropriate playing surface for your children. It has not been treated with methyl bromide.This is now sold in 80 litre bags for easy handling and can be transported easily.

Please note: Play bark is measured in m3 and NOT tonnes.

12.5 x 80 litre bags are equivalent to 1 bulk bag.


Full Description

  • Type: 100% British mixed conifer, contains no additives or colouring. Minimal white wood content, no greater than 10% by volume.

  • Product Dimensions: Particle size ranges between 8-40mm, with minimal dust fines.

  • Bag Detail: Sold in 80 litres for easy handling. 12.5 bags are equivalent to 1m3.

  • Coverage: Product is best laid at a depth of 50-100mm to obtain best results.

  • Critical Fall Height: CRH of 1.62m at 100mm depth and in excess of 3m at 300mm depth

  • Safety: Conforms to BS EN 1177

  • Key Features: Free from all foreign matter to comply with current legistlation, safe for children, reduces moisture loss.