We are still open for deliveries and collections. Find out more.

We are still open for deliveries and collections. Find out more.


Pre Turf Fertiliser (70m2)

£15.00 (Inc VAT)


We Recommend for use with all Turf purchases to ensure a well established healthy lawn.

Optimised for new seedlings during the critical 6-8 weeks post-sowing. This formulation gives a low but fast-acting nitrogen dose, then drip feeds 30% of the nitrogen over a 90 day period.

Also included in this formulation is phosphorus and potassium to help with the establishment of the root systems and 2% Magnesium Oxide to help the new seedlings to metabolise the nitrogen efficiently.

Product may vary between 2-2.5kg depending on site of manufacture determined by delivery or collection location both sizes are formulated to cover 70m2 of Turf.

Only Available for Delivery with Turf Order.

Pre-Turf Formula Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen: 6% (30% coated for 90-day slow release)
Phosphorus: 10%
Potassium: 8%
Magnesium Oxide: 2%

The Magnesium Oxide is present to assist the plant with nitrogen metabolism and to increase stress tolerance, as well as helping to get the desirable dark green colour in the turf. With 30% of the nitrogen being on slow-release, this is a long-lasting feed that is going to take care of the turf well through the root establishment period.

Application Rate: 25g/m2
Granule Size: 1-2mm


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