25kg Topdressing

Our topdressing ( Ecodress ) is screened to 3mm and is moisture controlled.It can be used for the following:

  • Level an uneven lawn.

  • Protect your newly seeded lawn from damage until it is fully established. 

  • In end of year scarification and aeration work. 

Topdressing is part of the maintenance routines on golf tees, bowling greens and sports pitches and can reduce thatch in your fine lawn by encouraging decomposition. 

We supply Topdressing by pallet of 50 x 25kg bags. 


Full Description

  • Type: Mix of 70% sand with 30% screened soil, that regularly undergoes specification analysis testing for organic matter, nutrient content and contaminates.

  • Pallet Dimensions: 50 bags per pallet (minimum order).

  • Height 100cm x  Width 130cm  x  Length 110cm

  • Coverage (m²): 70 m² at a depth of 10mm

  • Product Weight: 25kg per bag

  • Environmental benefits: Helps promote plant and root development that in turn reduces the build-up of carbon dioxide