Woodchip is made from whole chipped timber, with a percentage of bark and a mix of hard and softwood. It is light brown in colour. Whilst not as decorative as bark, its affordability makes it a tempting alternative. Woodchip can be used to mulch beds and create natural looking pathways in your garden. 


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Full Description

  • Type: A mixture of hard and softwood, sustainably sourced in the UK.

  • Product Dimensions: Random chip sizes, normally between 5 - 45mm.

  • Bag Dimensions: Bulk bag

  • Coverage (m²): 33 m² at a depth of 40mm

  • Product Weight: Sold by volume the bag is approx 475 - 575kg.

  • Key Features: Reduces water loss, particularly beneficial for plants during dry periods. Helps with weed control.