About Us

Town & Country Turf is a wholesaler of landscaping products used in soft landscaping across the South East of England. We are renowned for the quality of turf and topsoil and our ability to deliver exceptional service through our fleet of vehicles fitted with forklifts. Most of our products are bulky and heavy to handle, and forklifts provide an enormous amount of flexibiltiy over tailgate deliveries often used in internet deliveries.

We can trace our farming heritage back to the 1890’s, and since 2009 we have been a wholly owned subsidiary of Sovereign Turf Ltd. This has brought together the benefits of working with a leading turf grower, combined with our high service levels and range of quality products.

The topsoil used will directly affect the quality of the final outcome in a garden construction project. We offer a range of soils suitable for use in landscaping which will ensure the plants and their roots will have a good start to life. Turf production begins with a controlled blend of certified grass seed which is independently tested for purity. The quality of our seed is superior to that available for the domestic market, and this is available to purchase as the start point for your lawn.

Years of experience in supplying garden centres, landscapers and golf courses has taught us the value of providing customers with a great quality product and reliable delivery service. Together with the knowledge and helpfulness of our team, we will ensure you get what you want, when you want it. 

We won't always be the cheapest in the market place, but our customers want the reassurance that they can achieve best value and peace of mind when placing their business with us.