Green Waste Compost

100% recycled, green waste compost is responsibly sourced, with a pH of between 6 - 8. It is screened to 30mm and then 10mm to produce an ultimate black peat free compost. It is commonly used to improve root structure in clay soils, increase soil fertility and water retention in lighter soil types. Easy to rake and spread, our green waste compost is a safe, stable material with slower breakdown than other comparable composts. It naturally suppresses plant diseases and contributes to the breakdown of plant waste in your garden.


Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is a great soil improver, acting as a natural fertilizer and pesticide whilst improving soil structure. It is a well-rotted compost, ideal for incorporating into flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, particularly planting roses, trees and shrubs as it is slightly alkaline. It can be as much as 2–3 times richer than ordinary farm manure, is friable, wood free and has very little smell.

Used for mulching beds and borders it will help in weed control, water retention and making a finer tilth.


Multi-Purpose Compost 40 litre

This peat-based compost can be used as a medium for sowing, potting and cuttings. The dark coloured soil is ideal for mixing with heavy clay soils to improve rooting structure, or in light sandy soils to give greater fertility and aid water retention.

Godwin’s has excellent nutrient values and water retaining properties that promote strong root growth.


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