Godwin’s Multi-Purpose Compost 60 litre

This peat-based compost can be used as a medium for sowing, potting and cuttings. The dark coloured soil is ideal for mixing with heavy clay soils to improve rooting structure, or in light sandy soils to give greater fertility and aid water retention.

Godwin’s has excellent nutrient values and water retaining properties that promote strong root growth.

Delivered on pallets of 50 x 60 litre bags

Full Description

  • Type: A blend of peats combined with a proportion of renewable resources. pH value of between 6-7

  • Pallet Dimensions: 45 bags per pallet (minimum order). Height   144cm x Width  96cm x Length 135cm

  • Coverage (m²): 90 m² at a depth of 40mm

  • Product Weight: 27kg approx. per bag. 1350 kg approx. per pallet

  • Key Features: Encourages healthy soil microbial activity, contains a range of micro-organisms that naturally suppress certain plant diseases. Helps enhance moisture retention in soils, and helps with plant drought tolerance.