Green Waste Compost

100% recycled, green waste compost is responsibly sourced, with a pH of between 6 - 8. It is screened to 30mm and then 10mm to produce an ultimate black peat free compost. It is commonly used to improve root structure in clay soils, increase soil fertility and water retention in lighter soil types. Easy to rake and spread, our green waste compost is a safe, stable material with slower breakdown than other comparable composts. It naturally suppresses plant diseases and contributes to the breakdown of plant waste in your garden.


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Full Description

  • Type: A responsibly sourced soil conditioner, with a pH Value of between 6 and 7

  • Bag Dimensions:  Bulk bag.

  • Coverage (m²):  33 m² at a depth of 40mm

  • Product Weight: Sold by volume the bag is approx 380kg

  • Key Features: Improves soil fertility and contributes to healthy soil microbial activity that naturally suppresses plant diseases. Enhances moisture retention in soil and contributes to greater drought tolerance for your plants during dry periods.