Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is a great soil improver, acting as a natural fertilizer and pesticide whilst improving soil structure. It is a well-rotted compost, ideal for incorporating into flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, particularly planting roses, trees and shrubs as it is slightly alkaline. It can be as much as 2–3 times richer than ordinary farm manure, is friable, wood free and has very little smell.

Used for mulching beds and borders it will help in weed control, water retention and making a finer tilth.


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  • Type: Our mushroom compost is sourced locally in Sussex.

  • Bag Dimensions: Bulk Bag

  • Coverage (m²): 20 m² at a depth of 50mm

  • Product Weight: Sold by volume, the bag is approx 450 kg

  • Key Features: Improves soil structure, leading to healthier soil microbial activity that naturally suppresses plant diseases. Enhances moisture retention in soil and contributes to increased drought tolerance for your plants during dry periods.