Regal Grass Seed

A close mix to the seed used to produce our Regal Turf, Regal seed has the same benefits as our Regal Turf - high-quality, disease-resistant and hard-wearing. A lawn cultivated using Regal seed is perfect for family lawns, or for overseeding bare patches. With its high purity and germination rates, our Regal seed will ensure your lawn will have the best possible start. 

Regal grass seed is available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg & 20kg bags.

Quantity Total:
Full Description

  • Type: Regal seed mix contains a blend of the most advanced cultivars*;

  • Dwarf Amenity Rye grass, Creeping Red Fescues, Chewing’s Fescue and Smooth Stalked Meadow grass. 

  • Treatment: Our seed has been treated with a seaweed extract that improves germination and increases root establishment.

  • Coverage (m²):

    • 2kg covers 40m²

    • 5kg covers 100m²

    • 10kg covers 200m²

    • 20kg covers 400m²

*Independently tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute.