Top Dressing (Eco Dressing)

Eco Dress will help you to develop and maintain a top quality lawn after scarification and aeration work. Screened to 3mm and moisture controlled, this top dressing can be easily spread by hand or through a belt. It is NOT kiln dried. For a light dressing, use 2kg per m2, 4kg per m2 for medium, and 6kg per m2 for a heavy dressing.

Sold as Bulk Bags or 25kg bags.

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Full Description

  • Type: 70% sand mixed with 30% screened soil regularly tested for organic matter, nutrient content and contaminates.

  • Bag Dimensions: Double bagged to protect from contaminates. Product must be kept dry.

  • Coverage: 2 kg per m2 for a light dressing, 4 kg per m2 for a medium dressing, or 6 kg per m2 for a heavy dressing.

  • Product Weight: 850 kg approx

  • Key Feature: Promotes plant and root development