25kg General Purpose Topsoil

A 100% natural, high-quality sandy soil screened to 10mm, Norfolk Topsoil is suitable for a wide range of landscaping and amenity projects. The microrobes contained in the mix play an important role in maintaining a healthy soil and promoting plant growth. Easy to work with due to its light, crumbly texture, Norfolk Topsoil provides an ideal base for most of your garden projects. It is a good anchoring soil that slowly releases nutrients and oxygen. 



25kg Topdressing

Our topdressing ( Ecodress ) is screened to 3mm and is moisture controlled.It can be used for the following:

  1. Level an uneven lawn.
  2. Protect your newly seeded lawn from damage until it is fully established. 
  3. In end of year scarification and aeration work. 

Topdressing is part of the maintenance routines on golf tees, bowling greens and sports pitches and can reduce thatch in your fine lawn by encouraging decomposition. 



General Purpose Topsoil

This general purpose topsoil suits all budgets, and is ideal for levelling or as a base before turfing. It is a blend of selected recycled soil and sand screened to 10mm. Stone material may be present, but this will aid drainage. 

General Purpose Top Soil is supplied in Bulk Bags, collect loose from Depot and we can arrange for soil to be tipped.

Sandy Loam Screened to 8mm

High-quality sandy loam is screened to 8mm. It is easy to work and rake, even in wet conditions owing to its crumbly (friable) structure. It is ideal for seeding, turfing and many other general landscaping applications. With little stone content, this product is blended using a mixture of soil and sand, and offers good drainage with the necessary nutrients, which are essential for creating a top-quality lawn.

We supply Screened Sandy Loam in Bulk Bags. This can also be collected loose from Lower Beeding. 

Raised Bed Mix

Raised Bed Mix ( also known as Allotment Mix ) is a premium topsoil, which provides an excellent base for your fruit and vegetable growing needs. It aids moisture retention and makes existing soil easier to work with. A blend of Norfolk topsoil and peat-free compost, this product is 100% natural, and screened to remove larger stones and pebbles. If you’re looking to get your seedlings and plants off to the best possible start, this is the best choice for you.

Raised bed mix is supplied in Bulk Bags

Ericaceous Topsoil

This rich, black ericaceous soil has a high organic content. Combined with its low pH, it is ideal for acid-loving / lime-hating plants such as camellias, magnolias, azaleas, heathers, rhododendrons and Japanese acers. The organic content will aid microbial activity, thus helping with root and plant growth. When growing your own vegetables such as radishes, sweet potatoes, peppers, potatoes and rhubarb, acidic soils are preferable, so ericaceous topsoil will help produce a bumper crop.

Ericaceous topsoil is supplied in Bulk Bags

Top Dressing (Eco Dressing)

Eco Dress will help you to develop and maintain a top quality lawn after scarification and aeration work. Screened to 3mm and moisture controlled, this top dressing can be easily spread by hand or through a belt. It is NOT kiln dried. For a light dressing, use 2kg per m2, 4kg per m2 for medium, and 6kg per m2 for a heavy dressing.

Sold as Bulk Bags or 25kg bags.

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