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Regal Turf

Medium fine in texture and using the highest grade seed, our Regal turf is a purpose-grown, top quality turf ideal for domestic lawns. The carefully selected mix of grasses provide a lawn that is verdant, hard-wearing and resistant to many diseases. It is grown on sandy loam soil in our own Suffolk fields.

Regal turf instantly creates a beautiful garden, in addition to a robust, safe playing surface for children (No netting is used in production). It increases kerb appeal and may increase the market value of your property.



Xeris Turf

Specially designed to need less water and withstand dry conditions, Xeris turf is the future of lawns for many UK households faced with water scarcity and frequent hosepipe bans.  Developed to tolerate drought, Xeris turf will grow in sun or partial shade, wet or dry conditions.

A stunning, fully formed lawn can be installed quickly and when managed correctly holds its vibrant green colour in hot weather better than any other type of grass; providing the finishing touch to your property and instantly creating a handsome garden as well as a robust playing surface for children.

Elite Turf

Elite is a top quality non rye turf which provides a superb finish for ornamental lawns and is perfect for a prestigious housing development. It has excellent wear and recovery properties. Grown on sandy loam, it provides uniformity of quality and year-round availability. It is purpose grown for ornamental lawns, golf tees, green approaches and putting greens. Elite contains fine fescues, smooth stalked meadow grass and fine bents.



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